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2020-ж., 27-окт.
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News of the World - In Theaters Christmas
This Christmas, Universal Pictures is proud to present Tom Hanks starring in News of the World, a moving story written and directed by Paul Greengrass, reuniting for the first time with his star from their 2013 Best Picture nominee Captain Phillips.

Five years after the end of the Civil War, Captain Jefferson Kyle Kidd (Hanks), a widower and veteran of three wars, now moves from town to town as a non-fiction storyteller, sharing the news of presidents and queens, glorious feuds, devastating catastrophes, and gripping adventures from the far reaches of the globe.

In the plains of Texas, he crosses paths with Johanna (Helena Zengel, System Crasher), a 10-year-old taken in by the Kiowa people six years earlier and raised as one of their own. Johanna, hostile to a world she’s never experienced, is being returned to her biological aunt and uncle against her will.
Kidd agrees to deliver the child where the law says she belongs. As they travel hundreds of miles into the unforgiving wilderness, the two will face tremendous challenges of both human and natural forces as they search for a place that either can call home.
News of the World is directed by Greengrass (the Bourne films, United 93) from his screenplay with Luke Davies (Lion), based on the National Book Award finalist and best-selling novel by Paulette Jiles. The film is produced by Gary Goetzman (Mamma Mia! franchise, Greyhound), Gail Mutrux (The Danish Girl, Donnie Brasco) and Gregory Goodman (22 July, 8 Mile). The executive producers are Steven Shareshian and Tore Schmidt. The film’s music is by eight-time Academy Award® nominee James Newton Howard.
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  • News Of The World (2020) f'u"l'l M'o'V'i"E -------------------------------------------- >> Leurs états de santé respectifs les empechent de s'approcher trop pres l'un de l'autre.??.bv

    Alice AlexandraAlice Alexandra11 күн мурун
  • Tom hanks was a regular at Epsteins island remember he is still a kid diddler do not see his movies

    Covid 19Covid 1917 күн мурун
  • Woah, good trailer can't wait to see the movie

    Tiger ClawTiger ClawАй мурун
  • Boa noite, esse filme vai ser muito bom. Adorei o vídeo.

    jose ap santosjose ap santosАй мурун

  • people who disliked this yourselves a favor and go back to your caves.

  • Why did he just explain the entire movie? Now there's nothing left to watch. Trailers these days!

    Ancy AlexanderAncy AlexanderАй мурун
  • Will always watch whatever Paul Greengrass puts out even though his last film (Jason Bourne) was a bit of a disappointment

    serialkiller77serialkiller77Ай мурун
  • David Emanuel RosiniDavid Emanuel RosiniАй мурун
    • ❤️

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  • creepy Tom

    ItsSurfingTimeItsSurfingTimeАй мурун
    • @shannamae gumela I am too... those imbeciles are looking for stupid "clues" to use against Tom to feel like they're clever when actually, they're not. Whatever it is his Instagram photos of lost objects on the streets (other day someone came defending seriously the idea that a lost sock with a random number was a clue for something) or the fake news about fleeing to Greece because of a (fake) law that would protect pedophiles when actually, Tom won greek citizenship after helping the country because of a wildfire a couple of years ago as he already had contact with the country (as his wife being part greek, the couple have been traveling to Greece for a long time). But for those idiots, it is all a part of a conspiracy when actually the whole thing is filled with failed "clues".

      Antonio ManoelAntonio Manoel8 күн мурун
    • Tired of the accusations against him.

      shannamae gumelashannamae gumela9 күн мурун
    • Creepy?

      Antonio ManoelAntonio ManoelАй мурун
  • Meh, I’ll check it out when it hits streaming

    Dom510Dom510Ай мурун
  • Tom Hanks is literally Woody!

    Josh Loves MoviesJosh Loves MoviesАй мурун
    • tom hanks is a SICKO.

      coinínbáncoinínbán9 күн мурун
  • Om Shanti............

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  • Well, that's a different kind of trailer.

    HS PeresahHS PeresahАй мурун
    • It is a featurette after all.

      So Jin ChoiSo Jin ChoiАй мурун
  • Tom is such a phenomenal man

    CC LewisCC LewisАй мурун
  • 🔴Whosoever Random Person Reading This: sending virtual hugs to everyone who need it.always stay safe💝

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    • Ability for survival is our main capacity. You don't know yet but word is about to change. Trust yourself and in you, for you will make future with what you own : Earth , truth and love. All others beliefs have been poured into our brains in order to enslave us all for the profit af very few. Wake up! Stand up! For our only jewel : sustainable life on planet earth.

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  • 0:26

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  • forgive us ... /

  • If you love Jesus press Like 💜

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  • 5th View from iraq

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  • nuz of da wrld

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  • Man, Tom Hanks is killing it this year! After Greyhound, I’m definitely looking forward to this one. He is a phenomenal actor.

    Delfin GDelfin GАй мурун
    • Supposedly one main actor for global corruption... Australian tourist or had he a good reason for a longer stay? Find out by yourself...

      freeraider Francfreeraider Franc11 күн мурун
    • Greyhound was bad


    SBPSBPАй мурун
  • New of the world

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  • First view 👍

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  • Tom hanks is my idol

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